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Toner Cartridges

We will make sure your office never runs out of toner ink and that youre printers and copiers are never down because you are out of ink.

We have a variety of toner cartridges to fit any copier, Panasonic Copiers, Muratec Copiers, and more!. Please call us for price quotes on toner cartridges.

AgriTone BioBlack Toner Cartridges

We now carry AgriTone BioBlack, premium, replacement toner cartridges. These are bio-based toners that can provide your company additional avenues to persue your green intiatives.

AgriTone Toner Cartridges


Toner Cartridges

AgriTone cartridges help your green initiatives by:

  • Increasing Energy Indpendence:  Alleviates the need for petroleum products.
  • Spuring economic development: Increases the demand forexisting agricultrual products.
  • Improving the Environment: Re-uses existing toner cartridges cores and promotes theuse of renewable bio-based resources.
  • Supporting Local Agricuture: Follows recommendation promoted by the USDA and the 2008 Farm Bill

Call 501-833-8150 to order or to receive for more inforamtion about AgriTone Toner Cartridges.

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If service is ever needed, CBE is a phone call away. We may have, on occasion, not sent our postage check in soon enough, but you were there to guide and help us. Not only is everyone pleasant, but we know that if ever we have a printer or copier problem, we’ll have help within about an hour. Suffice to say, we are pleased with our equipment, and well-pleased with our service. Your knowledge and representation for the equipment line is exceptional.Naomi Loket Executive Assistant Ruffin & Jarrett Funeral Home
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