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FP Postage Meters


<strong>T-1000 Digital Postage Meter</strong> T-1000 Digital Postage Meter
Simplify your office mailings with the FP T-1000 Postage Meter System. By combining superior electronics with thermal printing, the T-1000 provides a new standard in features and ease of use for smaller mailers.

  • 23 Letters per Minute

  • Digital Scale Interface

  • Thermal Ink Print Technology

opti<strong>mail</strong>™ optimail
FP’s new optimailTM Digital Postage Meter system not only looks sleek, it is the ideal solution for your office mailing needs. Robust features, like thermal printing and superior electronics, makes the optimailTM a necessary tool to help you save time and money.

  • 25 Letters per Minute

  • Digital Scale Interface

  • Thermal Ink Print Technology

opti<strong>mail™ 30 </strong> optimail™ 30
Get letters and packages ready to mail on your schedule with FP Mailing Solutions' new optimailTM 30. This semi-automatic digital postage meter is specifically designed to meet the mailing needs of a small business or branch office.

  • 30 Letters per Minute

  • Semi-Automatic and IBIP Compliant

  • Thermal Print Technology

ulti<strong>mail™  65</strong> and <strong> 95</strong> ultimail™ 65 and 95
Quickly eliminate trips to the post office and the inconvenience and time it takes to manually process mail with this easy-to-use, efficient postage machine. No special training is required to operate the ultimail&trade 65. Anyone in the office can automatically process up to 65 pieces per minute with 300 dpi crisp postage printing that projects a professional appearance. The ultimailTM 65 is IBIP- compliant, meeting all USPS standards for mail security.

  • Up to 95 Envelopes per Minute

  • Shape-Based Pricing Compliant

  • Streamlined Feeder-Sealer

  • Interfaces w/ Shipping & Accounting Software

centor<strong>mail</strong>™ <strong><em>MAX</em> 120</strong> and  <strong>140</strong> centormailMAX 120 and 140
The centormailTM 140 digital mailing system includes all the same features as the centormail™ 120, but with some additional enhancements. Features such as faster processing speed - - and the HP Bulk Inkjet Delivery System are the perfect solution for a range of businesses across multiple industries.

  • Automatic Shape-Based Rating

  • Up to 140 letters per minute

  • Ultra-Low Cost HP Inkjet Technology

  • Unlimited # of Accounts

  • Interfaces w/ Shipping & Accounting Software

my<strong>mail</strong>™ </strong> mymail

  • 17 Letters per Minute

  • Integrated 5lb scale

  • HP Inkjet Technology

Postage meters and mailing machines
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