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Face Recognition

The FR700 is a complete time and attendance and access control system that uses face recognition technology to instantly identify users. The FR700 provides a touch-free, hygienic alternative to fingerprint and hand readers, while still eliminating “buddy punching” and the need for cards or badges. Users simply look at the device and within seconds they are identified and either clocked in for work or granted secure access.

Lathem facial recognition system

Case Studies

Eliminate Buddy Touching

Buona Meatballs Use This Facial-Recognition Time Attendance System

Precision Dual Camera System

The FR700 System uses two infrared cameras that perform three dimensional facial analysis and identification. The dual camera system not only provides the fastest and most reliable verification, but it also ensures that it can’t be fooled by 2D images or photographs. This precision 3D verification system is even accurate enough to differentiate between identical twins.


  • Uses fool proof face recognition technology to instantly identify employees
  • Provides a touch-free hygienic alternative to fingerprint and hand readers
  • Eliminates “buddy punching” and the need for cards and badges
  • Uses a standard Ethernet connection to your existing computer network
  • Supports up to 500 users per device
  • Includes a built-in dry contact relay for optional physical access control
  • Includes powerful desktop software for editing, running reports and exporting to most popular payroll software including QuickBooks®

Time & Attendance Software

The FaceIN system includes powerful desktop software for editing punches, running reports and exporting payroll.




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